The American Corner will be open for “Closed Spaces”

The event will host ten scientists from the country and the region, and the guest of honor is prof. Dr. Selma Raljević, from the University of Mostar “Džemal Bijedić” The Montenegrin Association for American Studies “Dr. Biljana Milatovic” and the American Corner are organizing a scientific conference “Closed Spaces” which will be held on March 11 in Podgorica.
At the gathering, where ten scientists from the country and the region will take part, the guest of honor will be prof. dr Selma Raljevic, from the University of Mostar “Džemal Bijedić”. The gathering, which is an opportunity for exhibitors to present their works, will be opened by a writer Dragana Kršenković Brković. Raljević will talk about “Open spaces of literature versus closed spaces of the nation:” (trans) national (con) text of contemporary American and Bosnian literature “, while Dr. Vladimir Vujosevicfrom the University of Donja Gorica, to present a paper entitled “The Underworld in Anglophone Modernism”. Dr. Aleksandra Žeželj Kocića research associate from Belgrade, will talk about the intertwining of closed and open spaces in novels Jack Kerouacdr Milan Markovicfrom the Faculty of Montenegrin Language and Literature from Cetinje, about “pictures of the city” in the novel “Travnik Chronicle”, and mr Tijana Rakočević from Nikšić, on the symbolism of closed spaces in the novels “Sluškinjina priča” and “Gazela i kosac” Margaret Atwood. The depiction of the city in the American film “Noir” will be presented by Dr. Rajko Petkovicfrom the University of Zadar, while dr Marija Krivokapićfrom the University of Montenegro, to talk about the closed space of the reserve in the novel Luiz Erdrik “Night Watch”. The work of dr Lejle Mulalić, Associate Professor at the University of Sarajevo, is dedicated to indoor spaces in the novel JaniceGalloway entitled “It’s important to just keep breathing”, while her colleague from the same university, Dr. MerimaOmeragic, to present a paper entitled “Intersectional Law of Diary Reading: Subjectivity of Testimony, the Power of Words and the Topos of War Horror”. Dr. Aleksandra Nikčević Batrićevićfrom the University of Montenegro, will talk about Irish feminism and resistance to closure in that geographical context through a review of the works of contemporary Irish poets and prose writers – Ivan Boland,Celia de Freyn, Cherry Smith i Dorin NiGrife. The scientific meeting “Closed Spaces” will be held in the American Corner.