Defend two Titograd pearls

Kindergarten “Pcelica” was realized in the early eighties according to the project of Branislav – Bran Poleksic, who is no longer among us – and the elementary school “Sutjeska” was realized in the mid-seventies, according to the project of Andrija Markus
Let’s be clear, please – I’m not saying (me) that the first (reduced) prize in the competition for the design of the building of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade – which was received by the CG / PG team – is not worth mentioning. Quite the opposite – I don’t remember the last time a CG team achieved any success in competitions outside CG – which would mean, is it, that the victory of the CG / PG team away is a curiosity in itself. I’m not saying that this conceptual solution is uninteresting – that solution is noticeably more interesting than anything that the team has produced so far – and it is on the trail of something that could one day (maybe) be something very interesting. It is also felt that this team is making great efforts – and in continuity – in terms of achieving the so-called. professional plan – which is to be commended. It is also felt that the self-confidence of that team is gradually growing – from the awarded project to the awarded project – back to back – and we should admit that this team is a kind of guide to other CG teams where to look for happiness. Again, the butterflies that inhabit the zone of my solar plexus – and that go crazy every time they face the truth – have not reacted. They didn’t even move. My cheerful butterflies did see the likeable pictures – it stands, hat down – but behind those pictures they saw nothing. And that’s why I would be glad if someone – a young architect who captures the vibe of that team – wrote a couple of wise and above all affirmative lines about these pictures. So, maybe I’m wrong, there is that possibility – but as far as I’m concerned, I’d bet, unseen, for all the money, that this solution is actually nothing – OK, sorry – almost nothing – in a package that might indicate something . I can also explain my position in detail, if you insist – while we wait for that young architect to come out with an affirmative attitude… *** Putin has in the meantime invaded Ukraine – and therefore, in order to find out more about the invasion, I have listed several reviews on the subject – and I am ready to state that, in my very humble opinion, it is the closest to the truth. Walter Mariotti (Walter Mariotti) – Editor-in-Chief of the Italian Domus – a magazine for architecture, design and art. “In addition to Putin’s atrocities and fatal mistakes made by Europeans and Americans,” Marioti wrote in a text published on March 1 on entitled “Ukraine, Metaverso, e il redesign dei confini umani” (Ukraine, metaverse and redesign / redrawing human borders), “the invasion of Ukraine brings us to the heart of design and its current power, enabling us to understand why design is so important in our time.” OK – the meta-universe or metaverse is a concept based on the idea of ​​the fusion of the physical world and the virtual world. Facebook and Google are investing billions in this concept – which actually comes down to organizing life in the virtual world – where our avatar would make contacts and communicate with other avatars. If we take into account the incredible progress in the field of digital technologies – it is certain that the day is not far when virtual worlds will be so sophisticated that the question of the boundaries between real and digital life – will become a question of all questions. “The invasion of Ukraine,” continues Mariotti, “reopens, for the umpteenth time, a question that is at the root of civilization – and that is the question of the history of borders – which has always been an archetypal form – of military rather than civilian – design. The fact is that armies are pushing borders, and through that move, they are also changing the perimeters (volumes, scope) of states and cities, politics and economy, people and their hopes and dreams ”. A cynic would immediately note that Putin’s goal is not so much to redraw Ukraine’s borders – as to overthrow the current Ukrainian government and install a pro-Russian regime, or to abolish Ukraine’s independence – which inevitably leads to destabilization of the so-called global strategic plan. Whatever Putin’s intentions – it is quite certain that after the end of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict the world will be different – but not significantly different from the world as it was before February 24 – because there is simply no room (margin) for radical or significant changes – provided, of course, that the conflict does not break away from all control and take on the proportions of a world war. “Since the dawn of humanity,” cries Marioti, “this reality has never changed, except in a forgotten story he wrote in 1946. Jorge Luis Borges (Jorge Louis Borges) – about an empire in which the art of cartography has reached such peaks that cities, provinces and regions have been reproduced on a real scale ”. OK, I fired for today, about Borges’ story in the next issue… *** The public debate on the Draft Amendments to the Detailed Urban Plan “Momišići A” began on February 23 – organized by the Ministry of Ecology, Spatial Planning and Urbanism – and will last until March 18 – which will say that we (we citizens) have the opportunity to in that period we contribute our suggestions, proposals and remarks to make the mentioned Draft better. Planning manager, ma’am Jadranka Prgomet Popović,, will publicly present the Draft Plan on March 11 (next Friday) in the hall of the Capital City Assembly, exactly at 12 o’clock. So, don’t let anyone tell you later – because we are obliged to defend two pearls of Titograd architecture – Elementary School “Sutjeska” and Kindergarten “Pcelica” – from Mrs. Prgomet Popovic, or from the interest in front of which she performs. “For the facilities of education and social protection that are in this Plan”, reads the mentioned Draft, “built on urban plots UP D38 (Kindergarten” Sutjeska “- sic) and UP D37 (Elementary School” Sutjeska “) given the possibility of reconstruction of existing facilities or construction of new, within the plan allowed horizontal and vertical dimensions or upgrading in accordance with regulations and norms for that purpose of facilities (take into account the application of regulations relating to copyright) “. First, that kindergarten is not called Sutjeska – it is about the Educational Unit “Pcelica”, within the Public Preschool Institution “Ljubica Popovic”, Podgorica – which was realized in the early eighties according to the project Branislav – Bran Poleksicwhich is no longer among us – and the elementary school “Sutjeska” was realized in the mid-seventies, according to the project Andrija Markuša – I am obliged, I repeat, to show on March 11, as a profession, that we care about these two facilities. We owe so much to Poleksic and Markus.